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   Bulbs fill many niches in the garden. They can be low cost for your pocket book and a low maintenance, plant-and-forget color provider.

  Purple crocus emerge from the winter's debris to herald spring  With an occasional division and reset, bulbs multiply over time increasing an initial investment many times over.  Bulbs are not heavy feeders, usually in spring when foliage first emerges, then after bloom, helping provide the food needed for next year’s spring show. 

   Summer bulbs require steady fertilizer through out the growing season, and don’t be too  anxious to set out those summer selections.  Most are tropical in origin and require a warm soil temperature, cold moist soils cause these bulbs to rot if planted too early.  Daffodils spread into a blanket of color

   Most bulbs are long enduring either in-ground with mulch, or easily dug and stored over winter.  Make sure selections purchased will thrive in Southern heat and humidity.  Ask supplier for their experience with bulbs sold in Zones 7 & 8. 

    Add fragrance in the garden with selected spring and summer bulbs.  Whether color of bloom or foliage, texture from course to fine, and fragrance of spicy to sweet, bulbs fill all these garden expanding aspects with low input of dollars and energy.



Spring Bloom

Anemone blanda

Camassia leichtlinii

     C. tommasinianus ‘Ruby Giant’  
     C  x luteus ‘Mammoth Yellow'
     C. vernus '
Jeanne d'Arc'

Hyacinthoides hispanica

Ipheion uniflorum          ‘Wisley Blue’, ‘Rolf Fiedler’ Leucojum aestivum       ‘Gravetye Giant’

Muscari neglectum

'Avalanche’, ‘Baby Moon’, 'Campernelle’, ‘Carlton’, Erlicheer’, ‘February Gold’, ‘Ice Follies’, ‘Jack Snipe’,‘Jetfire’,‘Golden Sceptre’, ‘Grand Primo’, ‘Hawera’, ‘Peeping Tom’, ‘Rijnveld’s Early Sensation’, ‘Tete-aTeta’, ‘Thalia’

Hybrid tulips are treated as an annual in the SE. Small species tulips can be perennialized in the garden and will seed about.


Summer Bloom

Alocasia 'Freydek’

Caladium :
White Selections: ‘Aaron’,‘Candidum’, ‘White Christmas’, ‘White Queen’

Pink Selections: ‘Carolyn Whorton’, ‘Fanny Munson’, ‘Florida Elise’, ‘FloridaSweetheart’, ‘Kathleen’, ‘Rosebud’

Red Selections: ‘Red Flash’, ‘Florida Cardinal’, ‘Florida Red Ruffles’, ‘Frieda Hemple’, ‘Postman Joyner’

White Background, Red to Pink Veins and/or Spots:  ‘Florida Sunrise’, ‘Gingerland’, ‘Marie Moir’, ‘Miss Muffet’

Too many to list.  All do well in ground or pot culture.

‘Black Magic’-Purple Leaf
‘Illustris’-Light Veins on Dark Leaf
‘Tea Cup’-Upright Leaf Holds Water

‘Emberglow’; ‘Lucifer’-Red

‘Emily McKenzie’-Orange

‘George Davison’; ‘John Boots’-Yellow

Hedychium  Fragrant
‘White Butterflies’-White
‘Pink V’-Cream with Rose Center

Lilium oriental  Fragrant
‘Casa Blanca’- White
‘Star Gazer’, ‘Mona Lisa’ - Pink
‘Tom Pouce’ - Pink Edge, Yellow Central Stripe
‘Black Beauty’ - Raspberry Recurved Petals

L. chinensis - Yellow
L. radiata - Red

O. regnellii - Green Leaf
O. regnellii var triangularis - Burgundy Leaf

Xanthosoma Lime Zinger’

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